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Now You Can Get Rid Of Those Fat Bulges Easily!

Eat 3 Good Meals A Day And Still Lose 2 To 4 Kilos Of Weight After Just 1 Week!

Despite all the various dieting regimes and weight-loss pills, people are still getting bigger and heavier. Throughout the world obesity has become an international health crisis of immense proportions. Studies conducted in the United States have predicted that poor diet and sedentary living will soon make obesity, rather than smoking the world’s leading preventable cause of death.

Now to really get rid of unwanted fat and maintaining a healthy weight is actually more of the understanding of the relationship of various foods we eat and what these foods behave in our body. With a totally different lifestyle today, we may like to think again on what we are eating day in day out. If you works in the office but eat those foods as though you are doing strenuous manual labour job, then those easily stored foods will add to the fat stores in your body causing obesity and health problems.

What Should We Do To Burn Those Unwanted Fats.

First. We eat too much of carbohydrates. The sugars in nearly everything we eat especially the softdrinks, pastries and snacks. For Western meals there are the potatoes and Asian ones, the rice. Today’s lifestyle does not require ingesting that much of carbohydrates into our body. Excess carbohydrates are accumulated in our body as fats.

Second. There are two energy generating system in our body. One that burns carbohydrates and the other one burns fat and protein for energy to keep us alive. Just like everything in nature operating on the path of least resistance, our body likes to burn carbohydrates because it’s easier. During a drought, our body switched to burning fat and protein as we ate animals instead of fruits and grains. So to kickstart the natural fat burning process of our body is therefore to cut carbohydrates.

Third. But there are only two system. The burning of carbohydrates and the burning of fats and protein. And what we want is to burn only the fats. But the proteins get burned too. The proteins that got burn first are the collagen and elastin under the skin. This is not good as you lose weight, your skin becomes wrinkled and saggy. You will look older than before losing the weight.

Fourth. So you need to supplement your body with high quality protein to spare the skin and muscles from being affected while you are in the process of burning fat. Another name for this is that you are in Ketosis. Alpha Lipid SDII is a high quality nutritious protein supplement specifically formulated for the purpose of those wanting to burn fat using ketosis.

Finally, when you are in ketosis, as the fats are being used as energy, the body creates a by-product called ketones. Although the body and brain can use ketones as fuel, too much of it may cause damage to the liver or kidney. Therefore it is important to test the level of ketones in your urine every morning with the keto stick when you are burning fat.

It is also important for you to know that there are two types of ketosis. Two conditions where you can test positive for ketones in your urine. First is the induced or controlled ketosis where you deliberately reduced your intake of carbohydrates to burn fat. Once you revert back to eating carbohydrates, there would not be ketones in your urine. The second condition where one could test positive for ketones in the urine is due to diseases or medical condition where the body could not use carbohydrate as in the case of diabetes. Ketones will be detected in the urine whether you restrict carbohydrate intake or not. The former or dietary ketosis is safe and natural to the body while the latter or ketoacidosis is a condition of a disease state of the body.

About Ketosis

The carbohydrate intake is controlled so that when the blood sugar level reduces, the body will switch over to burning fat for energy and produce ketones. This form of ketosis is hypoglycaemic ketosis which is very different from hyperglycaemic ketosis occurring with diabetes.

Ketosis is a natural process of burning fat for energy. All living creatures have this ability. At birth we are born in the pink. A baby loses a little weight during the first few days and most of this is due to the fat-burning process supplying the energy needed until its digestive system is fully functional.

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