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Yes. ShapeUp is made very effective for busy people!

Stay in shape, stay healthy – that’s what many busy people finding it hard to achieve with today’s hectic lifestyle. And ShapeUp is here to meet that challenge.

Just one Super Shake a day … and you can

Control your carbohydrate intake

Keep you satisfied

Keep you in shape and healthy

Just one Super Shake a day will help control your food intake and will help keep you at your weight loss goal. Whether you choose to have a shake to replace your breakfast, lunch or dinner is up to you – whatever fits in best with your lifestyle. The Super Shake is a great alternative to a typically carbohydrate dense breakfast, or some unhealthy fast food at lunch time, or ideal if you are too busy to prepare an evening meal.

Make yourself a 90 day commitment. Just one Super Shake a day, everyday for 90 days and you’ll see and feel an amazing difference…

Whenever, you find yourself starting to put on a few kilos or are becoming a little sluggish – starting a 90 Day ShapeUp Programme will get you back in shape and feeling more energised.

Or if you’ve just completed your weight loss programme and reached your ideal weight – using ShapeUp will enable you to successfully stabilize your metabolic rate. Thus preventing the weight to gain back again quickly. The too familiar yo-yo effect of many dieting regime.

Should you just need a healthy alternative for an easy meal – make sure you have a couple of cans of ShapeUp available so that you can quickly make up a delicious Super Shake of your choice.

ShapeUp is formulated scientifically to keep you in shape and providing your body with the nutrition and antioxidants protection it needs.

This scientific meal replacement and weight maintenance formulation has everything your body needs for a satisfying, healthy meal. It’s easy to make, just mix in water or milk, and most importantly it tastes delicious too!

Each Super Shake your body gets

    20g protein

    only 0.6g sugar

    26 essential vitamins & minerals

ShapeUp’s active ingredients help promote fat oxidation & mobilisation

Accelerate your weight management efforts by removing stubborn excess body fat. Green tea extracts (including catechins) may help regulate fat oxidation (burning of calories). Lipotropic agents (choline and inositol) helps mobilise and fat and encourages your body to use it as fuel.

Potent Anti-oxidants from New Zealand Fruit Extracts

Provides a complete range of antioxidants derived from grape seeds, boysenberries, blackcurrants and kiwi fruit. Four times the antioxidant activity of vitamin C (6895 ORAC units/gr) Ellagitannins and catechin components also known to help maintain a healthy body weight.

Stay in Shape… Stay Healthy

Give Yourself A Go With ShapeUp Today!


Made specially for busy people who want to keep looking GOOD

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