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100% Pure Organic Kale Powder from Japan

What is so good about Enseki Aojiru’s 100% Pure Organic Kale Powder ?

It has got to do with Enseki Aojiru’s 4 principles to offer authentic flavour of Kale as it is to the world. Totally organic and without using any additives, preservatives or any solidifying or granulating agents in the tablet or powder form. The 4 principles are ...

First the soil. The soil is specially enriched organically with repeated mixing and cultivating of the soil with safe fermentation of 3 edible fungi (yeast, lactic bacteria, bacillus natto), calcium-rich pearl shell and oil meal. The soil is very important to the nutrients content of the harvested Kale.

Second, the Kale is planted and harvested in the cold winter months where there are less activity of pests. Kale grown in the cold weather had bigger, more succulent and deep-colored leaves. It also taste better. Although Kale can be grown throughout the year, Enseki Aojiru only stick to growing kale in winter for better quality and without the need to use pesticides and the contamination of pesticides from neighboring farms.

Third, our original and special technology (process patented) using Far-infrared Ray, which is known as a “light to make food tastier”, make it possible to dry out Kale at ambient temperatures. This process enables the kale to retain its nutrition, colour and flavour.  Medical studies has confirmed that by using this process, GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid), other amino acids and phytonutrients are enhanced.

Fourth, we succeeded in making the easy-to-drink tablet from fine powder of 100% natural organic Kale without the need to use solidifying and granulating agents. It is also easily absorbed by the body so that those who do not like the smell or taste of vegetables may benefit from eating more vegetables this way.

The growing of Kale in Ehime Pref. Japan from September through January (the winter months)

The Making of Enseki Aojiru Organic 100% Kale Powder and Tablets videos

Health Benefits of Kale

GABA - Very Interesting ..,

Having difficulties in getting a baby? May be GABA can help ... Link

“The present results have important implications for the treatment of the sensory, motor, and cognitive declines that accompany old age.”  .... Link

“enhanced levels of GABA have an inhibitory action on leukemia cell proliferation and have a stimulatory action on the cancer cell apoptosis.”  ... Link

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Enseki Aojiru V1

Enseki Aojiru FAQ (English)

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The preparation of the soil is very important because it affects the nutrients content of the kale grown on it. The soil is enriched with organic mixture of fermentation of 3 edible fungi (yeast, lactic bacteria, bacillus natto), calcium-rich pearl shell and oil meal.

No pesticides and herbicides will used. Restricting the kale growing in the Winter months also reduce pests.

Watch the video and see the soil preparation, and the growing of kale in action.

After the kale plants were harvested, they were brought to the factory to be processed immediately. In order to ensure that the nutrients will be intact in the final products, be it the kale powder or the kale tablets, the kale must be processed as fresh as possible. Any further delay degrade the nutrients in the final product

Enseki kale tablets were used in a research project to determine the “Effects of Vegetable Containing Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid on the Cardia Autonomic Nervous System in Healthy Young People”.

Please watch the video on the production of Enseki Aojiru organic kale powder and kale tablets.

Decades of dedication. Enseki Aojiru Inc’s strict organic cultivation and making of the kale powder and tablets, allows everyone to enjoy high quality safe kale supplementation.  As you can see from this video that it is perfectly safe even for babies. Babies given Enseki Aojiru kale powder juice will grew up to have beautiful hair and skin. And for the adults, the rich nutrients of kale and the GABA ensures a healthy and youthful body.

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